Thursday, May 3rd AT 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

A Road Map to Net-Zero Carbon for Campuses

Oregon Convention Center: Room 204
Track: Net Zero Energy

Various levels of governments have signaled that regulations and requirements will become increasingly stringent, with increasing pressure on anchor organizations like Post-Secondary Institutions to become leaders in the transition to a zero carbon future. This challenge represents a tremendous opportunity, not only to reduce their carbon emissions, but also to enhance their brand perception and triple bottom line.

Currently, facility managers and planning departments regularly complete building condition assessments that feed into long-term capital forecasts; however, to date the carbon implications of the projects proposed in such forecasts has not been considered. This gap in the planning process is the key problem our initiative is proposing to solve.

The Zero Carbon Campus Initiative is a holistic methodology that generates a roadmap to a zero carbon campus. We view buildings and landscapes as a system rather than a set of individual components. RWDI and DIALOG’s process involves establishing a baseline for the entire campus and then testing the relative benefits of carbon strategies and scenarios over time to allow realistic future- casting and target setting.


Craig Applegath
Mike Williams