Friday, May 4th AT 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

Getting To Net-Zero By Unleashing the People Factor

Oregon Convention Center: Room B116
Track: Equity
The only way we will ever achieve net zero or regenerative buildings is by embracing a regenerativeculture. The best designs and technologies can only get us to a certain point. So much of a building’s actual performance relies on how it is used by the people that occupy and manage the facilities.

We need to optimize the human resource. We need to change people’s relationship with buildings. We need to change our habits and our enterprises to achieve what individual living buildings cannot accomplish alone. We cannot do this with design. We cannot do this with technology. We can only do this by engaging deliberately and meaningfully in the social part of sustainability. Diversity directors leading their nascent discipline are doing just that; and it's time the sustainability world learned to work with them.

This session intends to introduce people to the work of two diversity directors who are changing the conversation about social sustainability and bringing method to the art of optimizing human benefit onprojects. This lightly-structured discussion will explore what diversity work is on development projects and how its relationship to sustainability is far more than skin deep. The session will be a public conversation between industry professionals that touches on how diversity work today has become a vehicle for increasing community resilience and accelerating innovation; all while optimizing building performance. This conversation intends to broaden the audiences’ perspective on what sustainability work is today and make the case that diversity and inclusion are essential ingredients for projects (and the building industry as a whole) to have deeper level impacts on society.


Shilpa Surana
Energy Analyst