Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Net Positive Water Buildings

Oregon Convention Center: Room B110-B112
Track: Net Positive Water

The goal of this session is to walk participants through the design of Randy and Janna Hafer’s Urban Frontier House in downtown Billings, Montana and the Desert Rain home in Bend, OR. The Urban Frontier House’s self-contained, self-sustaining, net positive water home provides an excellent illustration of the principlesarchitects and designers need to consider when designing sustainable homes in urban settings. Desert Rain offers a fascinating case study of achieving net positive water in a high desert home, where annual rainfallreaches 12 inches in a good year. Together, they provide a range of rich insights into the constraints guidingnet positive water home design.


Janna Hafer
High Plains Architects
N. Tristian Bounds
R&D Engineer
Orenco Systems Inc.
Randy Hafer
High Plains Architects
ML Vidas
Vidas Architecture