Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Achieving a Net Zero Energy Campus Through Integrated Innovation

Oregon Convention Center: Room B113

Track: Community

Energy masterplanning on campus scale often not addressed in a lot of the sustainability events. We believe that a perfect energy-efficient building would not function at its best capacity if connected and surrounded by non-sustainable architecture. On campus, a building is an organ functioning along other organs within the system. If one fails, the rest won't function properly. That said, looking at campuses from a holistic perspective is critical to sustainability in higher education.

This session will provide an overview on how to establish an integrated strategy to achieve a cost-effective, zero-net energy campus. The presenters will illustrate how the energy master plan takes a holistic and comprehensive view on energy usage of Pasadena and Cerritos Community Colleges delving beyond a traditional facilities master plan limited to building life cycle. The session will demonstrate how a tailored approach developed collaboratively by architects, engineers, and the clients has been established to reduce energy costs based on articulated goals and objectives, and how to leverage funding, incentives, and project phasing to expand energy efficiency and conservation.


Mohamed ElSheikh
Harley Ellis Deveraux
Bharat Patel
Principal of Engineering
Harley Ellis Deveraux
Rueben Smith
Vice Chancellor, Facilities, Planning + Construction
City College of San Francisco