Thursday, May 3rd AT 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Bioblitz! Citizen Science Supporting Urban Biodiversity

Oregon Convention Center: Room B114-B115
Track: Essence of Place

Urban biodiversity is critical to the health of our communities and cities but we often do not have enough data about them. This session will lead participants in a “bioblitz” taking to the streets and parks of Portland to document existing biodiversity utilizing a crowd-sourced platform called iNaturalist. Local Portland ecologists will work with groups to identify species. Bioblitz leaders will then analyze the data collected and work with participants during hand-on session in designing to support biodiversity. Come and unleash your inner naturalist!

If interested in participating in the Bioblitz Field Session, please download the iNaturalist app prior to the conference.


Jennifer Cooper-Sabo
West Coast Landscape Practice Lead
Laura Guderyahn
Portland Parks & Recreation