Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Biophilia – From Theory to Culture to Action

Oregon Convention Center: Room C123-C124

Track: Biomimicry + Biophilia

We all have individual ways of experiencing, valuing, and designing with the natural world. As Biophilic design theory attempts to make a major impact in the practical world, an adaptable and relatable language is needed to facilitate design and communicate its value. 

As our understanding of sustainability expands, innovators and early adopters of new design approaches face a steep, uphill climb in the translation from theory to practice. In this session, four designers at SERA share their story of how they absorbed new research on Biophilic Design, discovered its potential for broader impact, and created a bottom-up and top-down approach to implementation.

This session explains SERA’s process for normalizing Biophilic Design and its values through translation and cultural change to members of any organization ready to assimilate this (or any other) specialized knowledge. It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of Biophilia, its patterns, and the available resources.


Matt Piccone
Senior Job Captain
SERA Architects
Sravya Garladenne
Urban Designer
SERA Architects
Becca Dobosh
Project Interior Designer
SERA Architects
Martin Glastra van Loon
Senior Urban Designer
SERA Architects