Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

EPACenter Arts – Transcending Barriers and Fossil Fuels

Oregon Convention Center: Room B116

Track: Equity

EPACenter Arts is a project where a passionate community in East Palo Alto with dedicated partners is overcoming stacked odds to create a building where youth thrive, and that in turn helps the earth thrive.  This is all about both authenticity and action.  It’s about making an authentic place that is uniquely East Palo Alto - a touchstone of community identity in a time of change, and a place for individuals to find their own identity and be themselves.  It’s also about taking action to overcome barriers, to create what’s needed, to stop climate change and make a living future for youth. Environmental innovation (including targeted Zero Net Energy Certification), social equity and resilience intertwine to bring a dream to reality.


Kirstin Weeks
Gregory Fischer
Design Director, IDEAS