Thursday, May 3rd AT 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Equipped for Action: Leveraging Open Data and Toolsets to Accelerate Advanced Building Policies

Oregon Convention Center: Room 204
Track: Zero Energy

Several cities took the lead in promoting Living Buildings and net positive energy or water developmentthrough land use incentives and stretch codes. These programs required policymakers to take a leap offaith, but what can the building community provide to ensure they are successful and replicated?This session reveals new open-source toolsets that are helping policymakers and design teams take boldaction in Seattle, DC and other jurisdictions. Presenters from private firms and non-profit organizationswill lead a group dialogue with participants on how to leverage public data and advocacy tools in theirown communities to advance new policy.


Andrew Lee
Project Manager
Architecture 2030
Dave Ramslie
Integral Group
Shawn Hesse
Community Engagement Manager
International Living Future Institute