Thursday, May 3rd AT 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Essence to Essence: Reciprocity within Place as a Living Being

Oregon Convention Center: Room B116
Track: Equity

Caroline Robinson and Bill Reed will lead an experiential inquiry into Place as a Living Being. Participants will explore the unique essence, or life force, of the places in which they live and work, practicing simple processes for connecting at the level of essence. Using a living systems framework, the group will explore the socio-ecological forces that shape their places, and how essence-based understandings offer a powerful basis for community engagement, design and development. This exploration will include the role of the senses, higher-senses, story and paradox in generating new sources of potential, and the alchemy of true regeneration.

The first premise is that each individual place on Earth has its own unique life-force, just as is true with individual people. The second premise is that in order to begin to connect to and work with the essence of a place, we must begin to relate to each place as a living being with her own identity, spirit and destiny.

The session will briefly explore project examples from Regenesis and Cabal to help illustrate how working from essence-based understandings within place can shape the way we conceptualize and execute development projects, as well as how we engage with community. 


Caroline Robinson
Bill Reed
Regenesis Group