Friday, May 4th AT 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Inviting Life: How Much Do We Need To Know To Act Regeneratively?

Oregon Convention Center: Room B114-B115
Track: Essence of Place

Between the extremes of ignoring living systems entirely, and treating them as sacred or untouchable, there is an array of possible regenerative acts.  And act we must, without delay, to reverse destruction and bring about quality of life.  Finding our way from paralysis to participation is as simple as learning what is alive and healthy in a place and building upon those patterns.  This is a most inspiring act of design.  By inviting life to our projects, we add value to every stakeholder.  Come explore meaningful ways to incorporate a biologist at the design table.  


Phaedra Svec
Director of Regenerative Design
McLennan Design
Juan Rovalo
In Site