Friday, May 4th AT 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Living with Living at UniverCity: 10 Years On and 10 Years to Go

Oregon Convention Center: Room 201

After 10 years, UniverCity is moving into its last 5 years of development.  With Canada's first and only Living Building, a biophilic response to community design, and a low carbon footprint, UniverCity is starting to tell its story - join us to learn about one of North America's leading model sustainable communities.

As the final build-out occurs, UniverCity questions, "what are we missing?"  This has led to the exploration of building buildings versus building community and understanding what our response should be to place.  It's not just on paper anymore, but it's real, it's community, and people live their lives here.  We started well and have 5 years to finish right.  Help us find what's missing.


Dale Mikkelsen
Vice President, Development
SFU Community Trust