Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Lost in Transparency? Authentic Stories from Pursuing Healthy Materials

Oregon Convention Center: Room A107-A109
Track: Healthy Materials

Not all chemical disclosures are created equal. The process each manufacturer must complete to create a disclosure such as a Declare Label or Health Product Declaration is a major exercise. Manufacturers must hurdle fears of sharing intellectual property, navigating complex NDA’s, disclosing alarming risks and hazards, resolve legal responsibility over liability, all while remaining committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

The goal of this session is to provide authentic stories from manufacturers working in material health transparency. This session will bring together manufacturers and service providers to share best practices and lessons learned in creating material health disclosures. The panel will discuss strategies for engaging supply chains, lessons learned in screening and assessing chemicals, optimization strategies and impacts of disclosure on organizations, and best practices for managing data to ensure authenticity and accuracy of disclosures to the public.


William Paddock
Managing Director
WAP Sustainability Consulting
Philip Ivey
Sustainability Specialist
Milliken & Company
Tim Weller
Manager of Codes
Standards & Sustainability Allegion