Thursday, May 3rd AT 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM

Magnify the Impact: Engaging Faculty and Students in the Living Building Challenge Design Process

Oregon Convention Center: Room A105-A106
Track: Case Studies

The Living Building Challenge has great power to transform thinking. Meaningfully involving more people in the design process deepens the impact. For Nuthatch Hollow, a Living Building in design at Binghamton University, students and faculty play significant roles, including taking primary responsibility for materials research. Through classroom curriculum and associated internships, students received extensive training on materials research then broke into teams under the direction of a student “CEO” to research materials. This involves contacting hundreds of manufacturers, reviewing extensive chemical ingredient lists, searching for alternatives, and advocating for change in manufacturing processes.


Matthew Broderick
Ashley McGraw Architects DPC
Pamela Mischen
Associate Professor
Binghamton University
Susanne Angarano
Ashley McGraw Architects DPC