Friday, May 4th AT 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

Regenerative Relationships: An Interactive Exercise on Living Systems Engagement

Oregon Convention Center: Room B114-B115
Track: Essence of Place

Regenerative design aims to foster and maintain a partnered co-evolution between all living systems over time. To achieve this, we must understand the characteristics of a given place and the biota which resides within, and leverage the act of design as a catalytic tool for the formation of positive, mutualistic, and enduring relationships between humans and ecological systems. This interactive session will introduce a process and engagement tool that will challenge participants to step beyond themselves and assume the attitudes, needs and values of a variety of biotic stakeholders within a given place.

We can no longer sit within our comfort zones and react preferentially to information from our direct partners in the process alone—the traditional roles and expectations of design professionals, clients, and authorities must change to ensure that more voices are brought to the table.

This session demonstrates an approach that allows design teams and stakeholders to consider throughout the design process the breadth of biota affected by our decisions and actions to improve the quality and quantity of beneficial relationships formed by a project intervention. 


Geoffrey Cox
Intern Architect
Rick Piccolo
Senior Designer
Esteban Matheus
Jason Heinrich
Intern Architect