Friday, May 4th AT 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

Restoring Our Nation’s Forests and Rangelands Through Construction

Oregon Convention Center: Room A107-A109
Track: Healthy Materials

Our nation’s forests are critically undermanaged leaving them vulnerable to redevelopment. Traditionally, the building products industry has negatively contributed to the health of our natural environments, but sustainable forest management and the products that add economic incentive to such management are changing the landscape. Project teams have the opportunity to help reverse the course of ecosystem destruction by specifying products that are removed during the restoration of forests and rangelands.  By specifying these materials, architects, designers, and corporate purchasers can take an active role in transforming the built environment towards a restorative and regenerative future.

This session will focus on exploring how products from forests and rangelands are improving ecosystems and being used to construct our built environment. Panelists will discuss the current state of forests, the incredible material properties of wood, sustainable and restorative management practices, and how wood product use in commercial construction can add economic incentive and drive ecosystem regeneration.


Scott Leavengood
Oregon State University, Oregon Wood Innovation Center
Amelia Baxter
Whole Trees Structures
Terry Campbell
Director of Business Development
Sustainable Northwest Wood
Sarah Deumling
Zena Forest