Thursday, May 3rd AT 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Stories from the BORDER: Gateway to Healing and Restoring the Crossing

Oregon Convention Center: Room B114-B115

Track: Essence of Place

How can a Port of Entry become a place of peace and dignity, honoring the essential relationship between the US and Mexico? Divided by political borders, the Juárez-Lincoln Port of Entry represents a singular culture, one that pre-dates the American Revolution. The Port is the gateway; the connective tissue joining these countries together. The facility echoes this partnership, aiming to heal and restore through respect for the land and deference to the culture. This session will demonstrate how a building can bring hope to the often stressful and intense experience of crossing the US/Mexico border.


Jackie Santa Lucia
Project Architect
Raul Moreno
Senior Project Manager
US General Services Administration
Viviana Frank
Frank Architects, Inc