Friday, May 4th AT 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Sustainability + Accessibility: Strategies from Disabled Designers and Researchers

Oregon Convention Center: Room B116
Track: Equity

A living community, one that is resilient and regenerative, is also *accessible* to all its members. The Living Building Challenge guidelines speak eloquently to the need for safeguarding access for those with disabilities. They also speak eloquently to the way that equity should “foster a true, inclusive sense of community.” However, at times, some design goals may actually clash--for example, when efforts at sustainability end up making a space less accessible. This session looks closely at what it means to bring together sustainability and accessibility, drawing upon research and field experience to raise provocative questions and offer concrete strategies.


Johnna Keller
Sustainability Manager
M+A Architects
Margaret Price
Director of Disability Studies Program
Ohio State University
Aimi Hamraie
Director, Mapping Access Project
Vanderbilt University