Friday, May 4th AT 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

The Bleeding Edge of Water, Waste, and Food Infrastructure

Oregon Convention Center: Room B110-B112
Track: Food + Water

The intersection of water, waste, and food infrastructure is complex network and much is needed to optimize these collaborative systems. Leading experts in the water, waste, food sectors will use the IGNITE quick presentation method to spark interest, generate ideas, and keep the session moving. They will discuss some of the latest and breaking technologies, projects, and ideas.

Other speakers include:
Lani Rider – NOBULL Specialty Foods: paradigm shift in industrial food production
Monica Lewis-Patrick – We the People (from Detroit): sharing stories of water and equity
Jeff Brown – Sage Restaurant Group: Aquaponics, Robot Food production
Marc Boucher-Colbert – Noble Rot / Urban AG Solutions : Urban Ag Love Song (Food and Farming Poetry)
Katrina Spade – Recompose (recycling at the end of life)


Pete Munoz
Senior Engineer
Paula Kehoe
Director of Water Resources
Pat Lando
Executive Director
Colleen Mitchell
Senior Engineer