Thursday, May 3rd AT 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

The Living Food Challenge – A Radical New Program for the Food that Sustains Us

Oregon Convention Center: Room 201
Track: Master Speaker

Jason McLennan’s original vision for the Living Future Institute was a broad and holistic one – to help define true sustainability in all the major sectors of society and shine a light on practices and impacts that diminish the earth’s capacity to sustain us – ultimately replacing the current paradigm with a hopeful, regenerative vision for change. To that aim, the Institute first rolled out the Living Building Challenge, then the Living Community Challenge and a couple years ago the Living Product Challenge. Each have gone on to create significant impact in the design, construction and manufacturing industries.

Now McLennan, on behalf of the Institute, is happy to unveil the pilot version of the Living Food Challenge – a new program that will be tested in the coming year with a small group of participants ranging from farmers and ranchers to brewers and winemakers, makers of value added packaged food products and finally grocery stores and restaurants – thus representing the entire supply chain of food in society.

Join McLennan in the first public presentation in the world of this exciting and visionary new pilot program, that we hope brings clarity and change to the food we grow, purchase andconsume and the upstream and downstream impacts of the things that provide us nourishment.


Jason F McLennan
McLennan Design