Friday, May 4th AT 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Urban Farming in Practice: An Overview of Successful Projects and Approaches

Oregon Convention Center: Room 201

Urban farming is an opportunity to connect to the earth and the natural processes of organic food production in places where access to a garden or farm may not be readily available. In addition to the tangible effect of connecting to one’s food source, these spaces offer community members a place to connect with one another through tending an edible landscape, sharing stories, recipes and sustained effort resulting in something else that is shared - the delight of fresh, organic food. Urban garden or farm spaces are unique features for any building, offering unparalleled means of building connection between community members through physical activity and group action.

An overview of effective urban farming approaches and showcase of case studies of successful projects fueled by thoughtful design and community engagement will be shared with attendees. The group will also learn about the challenges and benefits associated with the integration of urban farming into design and new construction. Topics covered will include design, phases of construction, rooftop farming considerations, indoor growing systems, hydroponics, livestock such as chickens and goats, and beekeeping. We will address each project type, and how it can be implemented in a living building design for optimal and tangible results.


Jessie Banhazl
Green City Growers