Friday, May 4th AT 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Water In The Desert: Achieving Full Certification in Arid Communities

Oregon Convention Center: Room B110-B112
Track: Food + Water

The arid community’s journey to a living future is a story about net positive water – not only in it’stechnical feasibility, but also the behaviors and culture surrounding it’s use. Expert practitioners willhelp you identify the policies, frameworks and strategies that we need to promote and implementLiving Buildings in arid regions today. We will learn this from two very different places, first, in thedesert of the American Southwest and second, from a remote region of Sinai, Egypt, about BeduoinTechnical Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and participatory design philosophy. We will hear from theseteams how to leverage these concepts to invite stakeholders and others to participate in implementingnet-positive water buildings in the desert today.


Prem Sundharam
Global Sustainability Leader
DLR Group
Tom Hootman
Performance + Design Innovation Lead
MKK Consulting Engineers
Joel Cesare
Sustainable Building Advisor
City of Santa Monica
Amira Ayoub Hassan
Architect/Sustainability Consultant