Kathleen O’Brien, LEED AP, CSBA, and Cascadia Fellow is a long-time leader in the sustainable building field, working as author, educator, writer, strategic planner, and project consultant for 30+plus years. As President of O’Brien & Company, the oldest consultancy dedicated to green building in the Seattle area, Kathleen was instrumental in developing programs, plans, and policies that supported sustainable development initiatives by government agencies, industry trade groups, and non-profit environmental groups. The impact of these initiatives has been wide ranging and multi-faceted, touching every aspect of the built environment, from educational facilities, civic buildings, commercial enterprises, infrastructure facilities to affordable and market rate residential developments. In 2012 she initiated the EMERGE Leadership Project, dedicated to “energizing the emergent leadership leadership capabilities of green building professionals and advocates.” Jason McLennan, considers her book, “EMERGE: A Strategic Leadership Model for the Sustainable Building Community,” a “gift to the green building community.”